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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Record your Phone conversation with your lovedones

Hai Friends....Now i am going to tell about some sweet memories. In recent days conversation through phone is rapidly increased, so mobile operators also comig forward with specail offers and unlimited plans. We enjoy a lot while talking with our loved ones and friends. All those are such a nice sweet memories. so i come up with a crazy idea! All most all kind of phones are having a special feature called "Record Call" or "Record conversation" which facilitates to record our conversation with your friends and loved ones. After completion of conversation, it stores in the form of .mp3 file. So we can able to listen that memorable conversation in future when ever we want. Store these sweet memories in your "sweet memory box". You can also surprise your loved ones by playing those conversations infront of them.

while coming to thrill, i tried this idea and i got lot of "kick"...later i stored all tose .mp3 files in my computer for future. So crazy guys! try you too try this idea and get some kick in life...

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