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Monday, June 13, 2011

First thing you would like to do when you wakeup?

Hai Friends....This time i come up with an interesting question. What is the first thing you would like to do when you wake up? If you ask this question to me, i have two answers...generally i see my face in mirror and give a smile. That is my daily routine when i wake up...but yesterday my close friend suggested me to try to see my hands and pray "Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi" morning prayer. So today i tried it. Then i felt some what different than other days. I felt happy for a fraction of second and my laziness immediately gone. So friends you too try this prayer when you wake up and share your experiences below in the form of your comments....

Here is complete prayer:

Karaagre Vasate Lakshmi,
Karamuule Saraswati.
Karamadhye Tu Govinda,
Prabhaate Kara Darshanam.

Meaning: The front part of the hands (the fingertips) are ascribed to Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, the middle part (the palm proper) to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Learning, and the root (the part of hand near the wrist) to Govinda (God).


For making us sit  for some more time   the second part of the prayer  is added: 

"Samudra vasane  devi  parvatha sthana mandithe  vishnu
pathni namasthubhyam paada sparsam kshamaswame."

 Scientifically proven Benifits:  

1) While praying these lines,  almost  60 seconds  duration  of  leisure is given to the heart    to  change  the state of  work from  a lower load to a higher  level  and  the  heart  gets  accustomed  with this.

2) Modern scientific studies have proven  that   about  23 % of the heart attacks of  the  heart pateint  take place  when they suddenly get up from the  bed or  chair, particulary  at  early  morning  after  a long duration of  rest/lying/sitting position.  Hence this prayer has  a physiological benefit  as far  as health point of view is concerned.

3) During the long sleep, static electricity  may be generated in our body, particularly if the  climatic  condition  is  dry  and  if lying is on the synthetic fibre bed.  This  electricity is generated because of the  rubbing of the body with  the bed surface which is  better to  be released through  fingers,  instead of  feet.  Hence  we chant  a mantra  and touch the  earth/floor with our  fingers  , in  a way we worship the  mother  earth with theabove mentioned manthra   ( Samudra vasanee  Devi….) 


aeyyyyy mandhu....great.well done

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