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Friday, December 10, 2010

doing crazy idea

When will anybody in their life get “kick”???
My answer for this is…doing things differently, implementing some crazy ideas they got, facing situations that are very rarely faced by others…
Now if you agree with me, implement one of crazy ideas that I got….i think you started thinking about that crazy idea n what its going to be…
Wait for some time,I will tell na..;-) its simple, that crazy idea is “walk in reverse direction and enter in to your class room”…
Ohhhh now say, are you angry on me for giving this tough idea??? If your answer is “No! not at all angry”...then I feel some what happy ;-)
I know its very difficult to enter in to class room walking backwards but if u do so, you will get tons n tons of kick, and you will get lots of ____
N many more….
Is there anybody done like this before and implemented this? The answer for  this is “yes! Its me,I have walked backwards”
Can I share that experience?


its very tough to do like that...

when? how did u feel at that time?

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