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Friday, December 10, 2010

old friend phone number

Now lets move back to 5or6 years in our life and start thinking….what did u think? Of course its an open secret that you will about sweet sweet moments when all colors appeared in the school campus on occasions…short n sweet crushes…incomplete love stories..looking at group photos funny pose and smiling..Laughing together on silly jokes in a serious class…planning out each and every holiday but ending up with same friend’s home again…small small fights..Comments on teachers…how beautiful those days are……
Now you remembered all those days na…so find out your childhood friend’s phone number and share those feelings with him…then you will get Great kick!!!!!!!!!!
If anyone done like that n got kick n thrill, don’t forget to share them with me….because I am your new friend ;-)
Now as usual….”wish you great kick throughout your life”  --------this is your friend “thunder_boy” signing off


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