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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gifting Ideas For Your Friends and Parents

Hi Friends.....In Some special occasions we like to present some gifts to our parents and friends. Life is all about celebrations! "It’s a treat for our mind and soul as it gives us a break from our regular hectic life" But how can we forget about gifts when celebrations are on going? An occasion is deficient without Gifts.But its hard to choose gifts suitable for them. Here are some gifting ideas:

Unique Gift Ideas:
"Planting a Tree on Behalf of the person whom you wanna present the gift". then Keep a signboard near that tree and show that to them as surprise. They will definitely satisfy with it. Another advantage with this idea is you can gift even though that person is far away from you. In those cases after planting tree take a photograph of that and send it online via email or face-book, or offline via post. Its best suited for almost all occasions.

Homemade Embroidered Baby blanket. A homemade blanket with an embroidered   name makes a great gift idea for any newborn, toddler or young child. You can choose the fabric style, name and binding color to customize the blanket to your liking. A true one of a kind gift idea. It is best suited for Baby anniversaries and for giving to boyfriend/girl friend.
By embroidering name of your Boyfriend/Girl friend on hand kerchief, you can give it as gift for your loved ones.

Memories Box. Prepare a box and place some things like chocolate wafers, movie tickets you gone with him, pens, photographs, etc. in that box. Decorate that Box according to taste of the person you are going to present this box. After presenting this Box to that open that box in-front of him/her and remind those incidents by showing those memorable things in that box. It will remain as a memorable day for both of you. It is a good farewell gift. It can also be given in birthday occasions also.

There are even more ideas coming stay tuned to this site...comeback soon...
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